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when winter sets in and the evenings grow longer, our Orange Cognac Tonka Creation becomes a true invitation to elegance and sophistication. This indulgence combines the sweet and tangy orange with cognac and the subtle spiciness of tonka bean for a unique taste experience.

Exceptional Ingredients for Refined Flavor

Orange: The iconic winter fruit, orange, takes the spotlight in our creation.
Cognac: Noble brandy, cognac, adds an element of elegance and warmth to the jam.
Lemon: Lemon contributes a bright acidity that perfectly balances the sweetness of the orange and cognac.
Tonka bean: The exotic tonic bean, with subtle flavors of vanilla, almond and caramel, complements our new recipe with a delightfully fragrant touch

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  • Tartine
  • Viennoiserie
  • Laitage
  • Dessert
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